Before sending an inquiry

For all inquiries to be answered smoothly we ask you to check the "Frequently Asked Questions" in the app.

About Replies

Even after you have checked the "Frequently Asked Questions", and can not find the answer to your problem only then please contact our Support Team from the E-mail Forum.

Inquiries are accepted 24 hours. The Support Team will assist you from 10:00am to 18:00pm (Japan Time) on Monday to Friday. The Support Team is closed on Saturday, Sunday, and Japanese Holidays.
*Depending on inquiries, it may take awhile for a reply. Also at times your inquiry may have already been answered in the "What's New" section of the game.

The inquires sent will be investigated to our full extent however it may take time for a reply. Please do understand.

If you use various e-mail addresses inquiries may go missed, and replies may be different or the investigation may not be performed effectively.
Please do send an inquiry from the same e-mail address.

*Regarding inquiries made during Sundays, Saturdays and other national holidays, it is to our regret to announce that it may take more time (JST) than normal for us to be able to answer them. We sincerely apologize for this inconvenience, but since we will begin handling inquiries from our next business day in order of receipt, we humbly ask for your patience and understanding.

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Inquiries about hints, strategy tactics, and specifications of the game may not be replied.

We will only be replying to the e-mail address you have sent from.

If you have restrictions on e-mail domains please make sure you can accept e-mails from

Support service is only available in English and Japanese.